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Fallen Soldiers


Fallen Soldiers is distributed on DVD by 101 Films, in the UK, Ireland and Australia. The film was shot with multiple cameras in 12 days on a very tight budget in locations and studios around London, with 60 cast and crew.


Producer: Jason Emery
Director: Bill Thomas
Writers: Ian Thomas and Bill Thomas
Language: English
Genre: Mystery – Thriller
Distributor: 101 Films
Running Time: 85 minutes



Plot Outline

Europe 1815.
War rages across the continent.
A young noblewoman’s coach is hijacked and her husband is murdered by a desperate British soldier. At gunpoint, the soldier spins her an outlandish tale of plagues, conspiracies, and dead men returning from the grave. He begs for her help and, with time running out, she must decide: trust this madman, or kill him? It’s a decision that could save or damn thousands, and turn the tide of the war.





“Fallen Soldiers is a great low budget horror movie with some strong talent and great ideas. Nicely done and we’d love to see what director Bill Thomas could do if he was actually given a budget.”

8 out of 10 – Starburst Magazine.

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“Thomas has shown himself to be a gifted and very savvy director. He has taken a limited budget, limited terms and not had it hamper his ambition. What he has done is crafted a very clever piece of genre cinema that is not bound by it’s conventions.”


“You have to give it to director Bill Thomas for making period zombie movie Fallen Soldiers. It’s a low budget effort that tries to offer something new to the incredibly popular horror sub-genre.”


“For me the concept is golden and I’d love to see the ideas explored in further instalments.”

8 out of 10 – Flash Bang Reviews.


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